Aluminum Industry Standards Committee: Personnel and Scope

2023-04-12 04:13:16 By : Ms. Karen Xie
Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. is proud to announce their new membership in the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee H35. The company joins a prestigious group of members intended to drive the development of international standards for the aluminum industry.

As a leading manufacturer of aluminum products, Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of industry standards in ensuring high-quality materials, uniformity in production, and safety in usage. The ANSI Accredited Standards Committee H35 is tasked with developing and reviewing standard specifications for the various types of aluminum and aluminum alloys commonly used in the industry.
ANSI Accredited Standards Committee H35 | The Aluminum Association

Membership in this committee means that Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. will have a direct impact on the development of these standards. The company will be able to contribute to discussions and proposals related to the Alloy and Temper Designation Systems for Aluminum, Dimensional Tolerances for Aluminum Mill Products, Designation Systems for Aluminum Hardeners and Unalloyed Aluminum, and Nomenclature System for Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Materials.

In addition to helping shape industry standards, membership in the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee H35 provides Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. with access to leading experts in the field of aluminum and aluminum alloy production. This network of professionals will offer the company opportunities for collaboration, information sharing and learning opportunities, leading to even more innovative techniques and products.

Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. is proud to join the ranks of other esteemed members of the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee H35, including prominent organizations such as Alcoa, Kaiser Aluminum, and Rio Tinto. As a leading aluminum manufacturer, the company is committed to upholding the industry's high standards of quality and safety.

Since its establishment in 2002, Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. has grown into a company with over 1,800 employees and a total registered capital of RMB 645 million yuan. The company's main products include a wide range of billets, profiles, bars, pipes, forged rods, forged tubes, forged rings and die forgings.

Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. is known for their commitment to innovation and quality. The company has invested heavily in research and development, as well as advanced manufacturing techniques, that allow them to produce high-quality aluminum products that meet the specific needs of their clients.

The company is excited to bring their expertise and experience to the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee H35, where they will work to develop standards that reflect the latest advances in the industry.

Overall, Fujian Xiangxin Co., Ltd. sees membership in the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee H35 as a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of the aluminum industry, while also improving their own products and processes. They are proud to be part of the discussion and development of standards that will impact the industry for years to come.