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Aluminum goods include finished and semi-finished wrought and cast items produced of unalloyed aluminum and aluminum alloys, as well as the raw materials used to make them. Aluminum systems and products that have been finished are sometimes referred to as ready-made systems and products. A fully integrated aluminum company, Fujian Xiang Xin Aluminiuion offers a wide range of aluminum products and technical solutions. Aluminum windows and doors, aluminum curtain walls, aluminum sunrooms, aluminum garden gates, aluminum fences, aluminum handrails, aluminum upstairs, all aluminum furniture, aluminum goods shelves, aluminum ceiling systems, factory aluminum assembly lines, aluminum T-slot assembly systems, aluminum frame systems, aluminum brackets, aluminum benches, and aluminum are just a few of the finished products that Fujian Xiang Xin provides.

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● Aluminium – the metal of the future By using aluminum from Fujian Xiang Xin in your design, you may produce something that is sturdy, light, long-lasting, and climate-efficient. Aluminum is, in other words, a metal for the future. ● Lightweight and Reduce Cost Aluminium weighs roughly one-third that of iron, steel, copper, or brass. This is beneficial in some products and critical in others. Reduction in shipping and handling costs. 1 cubic mtr aluminium = 2,700kg 1 cubic mtr steel = 7,800kg ● Adequate Strength Aluminium alloys come in a variety of strengths thanks to proper alloying and treatment. Some aluminum alloys have tensile strengths of up to 300 MPa, making them stronger than some steels. Aluminium's advantage in this regard founded the modern aerospace industry and is widely used in various modes of transportation and other applications. ● Excellent Corrosion Resistance When aluminum is exposed to air, it forms a thin oxidized film on the surface, which protects the metal from corrosion. When scratched, the layer quickly reforms and retains its protection. This feature is used in building, construction, and household utensils. ● Non-Toxic Aluminium is a non-toxic and odorless metal. It has a smooth surface that is easily washable and hygienic because no germs can grow on it. As a result, it's widely used in beverage cans, food packaging, cooking utensils, as well as the fishing and dairy industries. ● Durable Appearance Aluminium's natural metallic surface is aesthetically pleasing; the surface provided is adequate and does not require further finishing. If more protection is required, the natural oxide film can be thickened by anodising without affecting the appearance of the metal. ● Recyclable A sizable "secondary metal" sector in the aluminum industry takes trashed aluminum products for remelting and metal recovery. Only 5% of the energy needed to make new aluminum is used in the recycling of old aluminum. Extrusions made of aluminum can be recycled, giving them a high scrap value. ● Easy to Fabricate Aluminum is easily formed into a variety of shapes, including foil, sheets, rods, tubes, and wires. Additionally, it exhibits good machinability and flexibility when bent, cut, and drawn. The best material for complex extrusion with precise tolerances is thought to be aluminum.

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