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Many businesses are choosing to use precision aluminum machining parts. Aluminum is a soft, light, malleable, tractable, and long-lasting metal. Due to its great mechanical performance, thermal characteristics, and excellent maintainability, aluminum is one of the readily available machining materials. Precision machining of aluminum parts has recently gained popularity in the fields of aerospace, engineering, medicine, and industry. Get Free Quote ● Products Detail ● Applications ● Our Service A fully integrated aluminum manufacturer, Fujian Xiang Xin Aluminium Corporation offers a wide range of aluminum products and technical solutions. We are dedicated to becoming the top provider of aluminum profiles, precision tubing, sheets, plates, strips, and foil, as well as aluminum machining and stamping parts and dies for aluminum casting. Precision machining is one of our specialized services and solutions. As one of the largest aluminum producers in China, Fujian Xiang Xin offers support to the entire aluminum industrial chain.As one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of aluminum machining parts, Fujian Xiang Xin has a management team with qualified technical experts who can create products based on your unique drawings and samples. We have in-depth expertise in each type of aluminum material feature. At Fujian Xiang Xin, we produce different aluminum components using the following procedures: Precision machining: We have a variety of CNC machines at our plant, including CNC lathes, turning centers with moving tools, horizontal and vertical band saws, etc. This aids in the production of precise aluminum machining components. CNC milling and turning: We are able to offer complete CNC milling and turning services because to our sophisticated 3, 4 and 5-axis equipment. CNC cutting: By using our high-speed CNC machine, we can finish projects quickly while ensuring precise cuts and high yields that reduce material waste.Also available from us are sub-operations like boring, drilling, grinding, shaping, planing, broaching, and sawing machining.


Aluminium Alloy: 6061/6063/6082/7075/2011/2014/2024/2017, etc.


According to the drawing or samples

Processing equipment:

CNC machining center, CNC turning, Grinding machine, CNC Milling machine, Drilling machine, etc.

Surface treatment:

Polishing, Plating, Anodized, Heat treatment, Inactivation, powder coating, etc.


PE bag, Carton, Wooden box


Available in 7-20 days for different items

Inspection equipment:

CMM (Coordinate measuring machine), Projector, Caliper, Micrometer, Roughness tester, Hardness gauges, etc.


ISO9001: 2008, ISO/TS 16949

Your machining projects, which provide you the opportunity to select aluminum with certain qualities and shapes to suit your demands, will determine the sorts of aluminum grade you intend to employ. Aluminum 2024: This alloy is primarily employed in the aerospace and defense industries. This is a result of its mechanical qualities, which include high strength and excellent wear resistance. The corrosion resistance of aluminum 2024 is awful, and welding it is impossible. Aluminum 6061: This grade has outstanding weldability and mechanical qualities. This is due to its outstanding corrosion resistance in challenging environments, good toughness, medium and high strength, cool anodization, and bending workability. Commonly used for 5 axis CNC machining is aluminum 6061. Aluminum 5052: This metal has strong resistance to saltwater, marine conditions, and industrial settings. It is simple to punch, bend, and shear the alloy into the necessary shapes. The alloy aluminum 6063 has good mechanical qualities, including ease of welding, heat treatability, and durability. Applications requiring aluminum extrusion require 6063 aluminum. This alloy is frequently used in applications like door frames, window frames, sign frames, roofing, etc. to create complex designs with smooth surfaces. Grade 7075 of aluminum is renowned for having exceptional fatigue strength. This grade of aluminum is neither cost-effective nor suitable for welding. Therefore, it is excellent for durable parts like aircraft wings, bicycle parts, rock climbing equipment, and fuselages.

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