Forging Aluminum Forgings In Various Ways

The forging of aluminium alloys is the process of converting a uniform blank shape into a final product by hammering the material between shaped or flat dies. This working process may take place in one stage or several stages. The great majority of aluminium forgings are made in the heat-treatable alloys. At present, Fujian Xiangxin is equipped with a 40MN free forging press, a 40MN die forging press and related forging equipments, providing all kinds of forging bars, pipes, rings and die forgings. The products are widely used in mechanical equipment, aerospace, national defense and other fields.

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Aluminium Free Forgings Free forging is a kind of forging methods, which makes the metal deform freely in all directions between the upper anvil and the lower anvil by using the impact force or pressure, and obtains the required shape, size and certain mechanical properties without any restriction. Free forging eliminates the defects of shrinkage cavity, shrinkage porosity and air hole, and makes the blank have higher mechanical properties. The forging is simple in shape and flexible in operation. Therefore, it is of great significance in the manufacture of heavy machinery and important parts.Aluminium Die Forgings Die forging is divided into open die forging and closed die forging. Our products are made of open die forging. The open press is an ideal choice for processing large aluminum parts to produce large aluminum components with the best structural integrity. Although welding and joining technologies can be used to manufacture large parts, they cannot match the strength or durability of forged parts.


Alloy designation




Aluminium free forging

5A06 5083 5A05 2A02 3A21

O, F or H112

projection area








6A02 2A12 2618 6061 7075 7050 2014

H112, T6 or T7

minimum wall thickness


Aluminium die forging


O, F, H112





Fujian Xiangxin is one of the few companies that can provide large aluminum forgings in China. We adopt advanced forging technology and have a team of first-class professional talents to ensure the superior comprehensive performance of forgings.Our factory is equipped with all kinds of testing equipments, including A-level flaw detection equipment. We can supply all kinds of special aluminum alloy forgings with quality up to military standard.

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