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Aluminum foil is made from aluminum that has been thinned down to a thickness of less than 0.2mm (7.9 mils); smaller gauges as thin as 4 micrometers are also frequently employed. Heavy-duty domestic foil is approximately 0.024 mm thick, while standard household foil is normally 0.63 mils thick (0.94 mils). Furthermore, some food foil can be thinner than 0.002mm and air conditioner foil can be thinner than 0.0047mm. The foil is easily bent or wrapped around objects because it is malleable. Since thin foils are brittle, they are occasionally laminated with harder materials like paper or plastic to make them more durable and practical. It is employed industrially for a number of things, including transportation, insulation, and packing. Whatever you need, Fujian Xiang Xin Corporation will offer you specialized, high-quality aluminum foil products. We can give you precisely cut aluminum foil that has outstanding mechanical qualities or aesthetic alterations! To find out more about our aluminum foil, contact us right away.

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Aluminium foil


1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1200, 2024, 3003, 3104, 3105, 3005, 5052, 5754, 5083, 5251, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075, 8011 8079, 8021


F, O, H, T


5T for customized, 2T for stock




Wooden Pallet for Strip & Coil




40days for production




76/89/152/300/405/508/790/800mm, etc.


Strip, Coil





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Any port of China, Shanghai & Ningbo & Qingdao


Mill Finish

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1. By sea: Any port in China2. By train: Chongqing(Yiwu) International Railway to Middle Asia-Europe





Specific gravity



At 6.35 µm foil weighs 17.2 g/m2

Melting point


Electrical conductivity

37.67 m/mm2d (64.94% IACS)

Electrical resistivity

2.65 µΩ.cm

Thermal conductivity

235 W/m.K


Foil is defined as metal measuring 0.2mm (or 200 µm and below)

Aluminum foil is made by continuously casting and cold rolling, or by rolling sheet ingots cast from molten billet aluminum, then rerolling on sheet and foil rolling mills to the desired thickness. Beta radiation is transmitted through the foil to a sensor on the other side in order to maintain a constant thickness during the manufacture of aluminum foil. The rollers adjust, increasing the thickness, if the intensity rises too high. The rollers increase their pressure, making the foil thinner if the intensities drop too low and it becomes too thick. The aluminum foil rolls are subsequently cut into smaller rolls using slitter rewinding equipment. The procedure of roll slitting and rewinding is crucial to finishing.T001 – light gauge foil (also called double zero foil) 1≤ T ≥0.001– medium gauge foil (also called single zero foil) T ≥0.1mm– heavy gauge foil 1xxx series: 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1200,1350 2xxx series: 2024 3xxx series: 3003, 3104, 3105, 3005 5xxx series: 5052, 5754, 5083, 5251 6xxx series: 6061 8xxx series: 8006, 8011, 8021, 8079

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● Electronic Tag Aluminium Foil ● Honeycomb Aluminium Foil ● Household Aluminium Foil ● Electronic Aluminium Foil ● Packaging Aluminium Foil ● Container Aluminium Foil ● Hydrophilic Aluminium Foil ● Food Aluminium Foil

When picking aluminum, it's crucial to keep in mind that the ideal alloy depends on the material's characteristics and the intended application. Prior to making a purchase, it's critical to consider the flowing properties of the aluminum grade: ● Tensile Strength ● Thermal Conductivity ● Weldability ● Formability ● Corrosion ResistanceAluminum foil can be used for a wide range of applications: ● Automobile application ● Heat transfer (fin material, weld tube material) ● Packaging ● Packaging ● Insulation ● Electromagnetic shielding ● Cooking ● Art and decoration ● Geochemical sampling ● Ribbon microphones● Aluminium foil has a shiny metallic luster, decorative. ● Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless. ● Relatively lightweight, the proportion is only one-third of iron, copper. ● Full-extension, thin, low weight per unit area. ● Blackout good, reflective rate of 95%. ● Protection and strong, so the package less susceptible to bacteria, fungi and insects infringement. ● High and low-temperature stability, temperature -73 ~ 371 ℃ without deformation sizing.Thin sheets of aluminum foil are manufactured and utilized for a variety of purposes, from regular household foil to robust, heat-resistant industrial foil rolls. Aluminum foil is very flexible and is simple to bend or wrap around items. Pack rolled (one side bright, one side matte), two sides polished, and mill finish are common finishes. Worldwide, food, cosmetics, and chemical items are packaged and protected with millions of tons of aluminum foil. Aluminum is a strong and simple-to-use material that is perfect for a variety of industrial applications.Standard Aluminium Foil – Great for wrapping lighter individual items and covering containers for storage. Our aluminium foil is 0.0005 – 0.0007 thick. Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil is used to line pans and frying sheets for cooking. fantastic in moderate heat. The Fujian Xiang Xin heavy duty foil has a thickness of 0.0009. Extra Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil – Ideal for heavy wrapping and high heat settings. Excellent for grill lining and coming into contact with flames. to be used for briskets , slabs of ribs and other big meats. The Fujian Xiang Xin extra heavy duty foil has a thickness of 0.0013.One of the metals that is most prevalent on earth is aluminum. The majority of foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, grains, and dairy products, naturally contain it. In addition, some of the aluminum you consume comes from food additives used in processed foods, such as thickeners, coloring agents, anti-caking agents, and preservatives. Despite this, the presence of aluminum in food and medicine is not regarded as a concern because only a small portion of the metal you consume is really absorbed. The remainder is expelled in your pee and feces. Additionally, in healthy individuals, ingested aluminum is subsequently eliminated in the urine. So, the small amount of aluminium you ingest daily is considered safe.1. Pure primary ingot. 2. Accurate dimensions and tolerance. 3. High-quality surface. The surface is free from defects, oil stain, wave, scratches, roll mark. 4. High flatness. 5. Tension-leveling, oil-washing. 6. With decades of production experience.We pack and label our items in accordance with laws and demands from customers. Every effort is made to prevent harm from occurring during storage or shipping. The typical export packing, which is coated with craft paper or plastic film. Products are delivered in wooden cases or on wooden pallets to prevent damage. For simple product identification and quality information, the outside of the packages are also marked with clear labels.

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